Programming Courses

Full Stack Web Development :

Learn web development and Become Job Ready With Website Technology Skills.

  • What is Mern Stack 
  • Mern Stack Course Plan With Details 
  • Module 1: Introduction to Fullstack 
  • Module 2: UI Design 

Advanced Python :

Learn Python Programming Language and Become Job Ready With Technology Skills.

  • Basics
  • DJANGO Framework
  • Flask Framework


Python for Data Science :

Learn Python or data science  and Become Job Ready With Data science Technology Skills.

  •  Overview of Data Science
  • Introduction to Python programming language
  • Importance and applications of Python in Data Science

App Development With Java :

Learn App Development with Java and Become Job Ready With Android Development Technology Skills.

  • Basics Of Android
  • Introduction to Android
  • Building Blocks of Android
  • Android Installation & First Project
Advance python
Full stack web development
Python for data science
App development with java
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