Program Tutorials (Basic Grammar Section)

(1) Normal sentence pattern in English
(2) Tenses and aspects
(3) Regular and irregular verbs
(4) Parts of speech
(5) Subject and predicate
(6) Phrases and clauses
(7) Type of sentences
(8) Article and determiners
(9) Speech – direct speech / indirect speech
(10) Voice – active/ passive
(11) Subject verb agreement
(12) Conjunction parts
(13) Degrees of comparison
(14) Relative clauses
(15) Too , so , either, neither etc
(16) Usage of idioms and phrases
(17) Conditional sentence
(18) Some proverbs in English
(19) Some quotes in English
(20) Introducing yourself

Key Features:-

* Listening : Listening to texts, listening to CD’s , Trials of a good listener
* The Pronunciation : Phonetic Symbols consonants and Vowel with illustrations in
* Listening and Comprehension :Interpretation of texts based on the question- answer.
Interaction among students.
* Reading Skills: Techniques of reading. Reading comprehension of unseen pages,
identifying the context and central idea.
* Vocabulary and word formation: From different texts and dictionary
* Basic Grammar: Prescriptive/ descriptive approaches grammaticality- acceptability –
appropriateness – grammar in context – grammar in spoken and written
* Practice : Exercise on different grammatical constructions, identification of the
grammatical construction, identification of the grammatical devices forms different
texts like newspapers, poems, stories etc.
* Words and phrases used for conversation: Making statements, questions, order and
suggestions- denying – rejecting- disagreeing – possibility- ability, permission,
obligations etc.
*Public speech
*Telephonic Conversation


• Starting a conversation
• Making friends – greeting, sharing things and ideas, exchanging ideas.
• Asking for information- question techniques, answering techniques, getting
more information.
• Getting people to do things- requesting, attracting , agreeing and refusing
• Talking about past events- remembering, describing experiences, imagining
‘what if..’
• Hesitating, preventing interruptions and interrupting politely.
• Stating intentions, discussing probability
• To do something , asking for permission, giving reasons.
• Giving opinions, agreeing, disagreeing, discussing
• Describing things, instructing people how to do things.
• Similarities, difference, preferences
• Making suggestions and giving advice, expressing doubts.
• Apologizing and forgiving
• Expressing disappointment
• Places and people
• Narrative techniques, handling dialogues, controlling narratives
• Anger, sadness and indifference

Reading Comprehension:

– Skimming, scanning, techniques of reading, comprehension passages for practice

Writing Comprehension:

– Tips to effective writing , practice material / topics


• Weekly Group Discussion
• WhatsApp Assistance
• Monthly Seminar and Award Distributions
• Word Power( 10 new words learning everyday

Courses Duration :

4 Months Course:

(Basic Grammar Section + Communication Skills + Key Features +
Reading Comprehension + Writing Comprehension)

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